With an increase in the usage of blogs as a powerful tool of communication technology, economic blogs have proved to be an ideal platform for investors to keep abreast with the latest developments and happenings occurring in the financial world. It educates them about the actual workings of the market. Recent financial unrest occurring around the world has generated a lot of interest among people about how the economy works.

There are many economic blogs that are hugely popular among the visitors. These include the following:

*Blog by Greg Mankiw – Nicholas Gregory “Greg” Mankiw is an American macroeconomist, currently working as a professor in Harvard. His economic blog combines both resources for his students and various articles on financial matters, thus acting as an excellent source for anyone interested in economics.

*Conscience Of A Liberal: This economics blog is managed by the famous economist, Paul Krugman, who received Nobel Prize for Economics in the year 2008. This gives a person an in depth understanding of this subject from the view of both academics as well as the industry experts.

*Calculated Risk: This blog offers an insight into various diverse fiscal issues such as housing and security. The posts by different user groups also bring to the fore various financial issues, which affect the daily lives of common people.

*Economist’s View: This economic blog collects and presents information related to the financial matters from all the content floating on the Internet. It collects them and puts them all in one place.

*Freakonomics: Also having a book by the same name, this blog illustrates on various weird happenings taking place in the world of money. Although it is more suitable for people looking to be entertained rather than informed, the analysis done within the text acts as a helpful resource for “econoblogging”.

Features Of An Economic Blog

A good economic based blog has following features that define it:

*Regularly updated content.
*Properly organized sequence of contents.
*A possibility of interaction with blog writers along with having an option for the readers to post their comments.
*Rich quality.
*Contents syndicated through the usage of RSS feeds.

Misuse Or Demerits

Although these blogs are highly informative and create awareness among the people regarding the financial scenario, there are several demerits that can be associated with the same. These are as follows:

*Some of the so-called economics blogs are nothing but spam due to their irregular maintenance.
*Many blogs tend to provide inflated and exaggerated content to their users. This leads to incorrect information getting circulated in the market.
*The content of many blogs is many a times completely out dated. This may be due to the owners running out of quality topics to post.

Thus, there are various good and bad aspects of an economic blog that needs to be taken care while looking for credible information on net. However, the good outweighs the bad! They act as a perfect platform to diversify the investment options among various assets.

Economic blogs act as a reliable source for people to get information regarding various financial matters.

Author: Edna Love
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