So I was lurking in one of my regular news listening posts to take the Conservative Temperature, and apparently the latest thing from the conservative spin cycle revolves around this page, by politifact.

You see!? The scream triumphantly. ‘The One,’ has only kept a paltry 37% of his promises! He’s a liar and a crook! (not to mention being Darth Vader to Alinsky’s Emperor, and a Kenyan anti-colonialist librocommiefascist. I mean, let’s face it, this is one busy guy we’re talking about here!–He’s busy campaigning though, see? Not keeping his promises or doing his job).

But here’s what I don’t get.

Conservatives hate everything this man stands for.

Does it not follow that they should be THRILLED if he hasn’t been keeping his promises to his libbie base?

I mean…that makes a certain logical sense, right? If I despise all that you stand for, and all the things you’ve been promising your base, then if I find a statistic that basically says you duped your base, and you really aren’t doing all that evil stuff I don’t like, then you’re as good as on my team, right?

And even better, if we can keep those librul patsies fooled into thinking you’re really working for them, so much the better! I’d be workin’ my ass off to keep someone like that in office for a second term, wouldn’t I?

So I’m not understanding this line of attack at all, and would appreciate any conservative assistance I can get in sorting it all out.

In any case, if you go to the page, sure enough, it’s right there in black and white. Obama has only kept 37% of his promises, per politifact.

That’s a “fact,” but it’s not a FACT.

To get to the TRUTH of the matter, let’s look at the full context.

Only 16% of Obama’s promises are rated as “broken,” which should mean that the rest are still in play in some form or fashion, yes?

That the jury’s still out.

So we’ve got 37% outright kept, 16% outright broken (total = 53%) with 47% still in play.

Let’s take a closer look then.

37% Outright kept
14% Compromised on, in order to keep in some fashion (51% kept in some fashion so far)
10% that he’s attempting to keep, but which are stalled for various reasons that have nothing to do with the lack of trying (running total 61%)
22% Not kept (yet) but in various stages of progress (running total 83%)

It’s not nearly as good a talking point when you put the 37% figure in its proper context. I wonder why the conservatives don’t want to?

Curiouser and curiouser…