I wanted to take a moment to let readers here know of some upcoming changes to things here.

First, we’ll be adding a new author to the mix, in the form of “XRandian!”

She’s got a powerful voice, and lots of interesting things to say, and I think that having multiple voices on this site, weaving together to form a tapestry of thought is of great value.

That said, if you’d be interested in joining us, shoot me a note (cdhartpence (at) hotmail).

Second, I’d like to start a conversation with readers here about what direction you’d like to see this place take.

We can add more authors over time and keep it with the “magazine style” look and feel, or we can turn it into a full blown community with a lot more interaction, or anything in between, so again, shoot me a note, comment here, or send up a smoke signal or three and let me know what your preferences are, and we can make that happen.

Welcome, XR! :)


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