First, let me define “The Fox Bubble.” This is the alternate universe that conservatives have set up for themselves, and includes various right wing media properties (Fox “News” being the flagship) that reinforce right wing talking points by spinning news stories to present conservatives in the best possible light, demonize everyone else, and manufacture supporting data that magically agrees with all conservative talking points.

Second, let’s talk about the election. In the days and weeks leading up to the election, Dick Morris predicted a “landslide” victory for Romney over Obama, with Romney winning 325 EV’s. When Obama won with 332, Morris was quoted as saying, “I’ve got egg on my face. I predicted a Romney landslide and, instead, we ended up with an Obama squeaker.”

(Love how the language shifts there, don’t you? 325 EV’s for Romney = “A Landslide” and 332 for Obama = “A Squeaker.”) – Basic math note to the R’s…332 is, in fact, a LARGER number than the 325 required for your projected “landslide,” so if 325 is a “landslide,” then 332 must be (by definition) an even bigger landslide.

But he’s not the only one donig it.

Republicans everywhere are saying that the victory was too close for Obama to claim a mandate. It is interesting, then, to recall G. W. Bush’s words in 2004, when he won over Kerry (285 to 251, which was touted as a solid victory by the R’s, sufficient for Bush to claim that elections have consequences, and that he’d earned significant political capital, which he intended to spend. “Dubya” won an ACTUAL squeaker of a victory, and claimed a mandate, but Romney’s crushing defeat…no mandate for Obama.

Conservatives are nothing if not ‘consistent.’

We have already seen the rank and file from the right trying on various meme contenders, casting aside the ones that don’t resonate well and moving onto something else.

Eventually, they’ll settle on 3-4 of them that will serve as the clarion call for the next four years. So far, the early contenders are “Obama won, the People lost…welcome to four more years of stagnation.” and “The Takers now Outnumber the Makers.”

Those may not remain the top picks, and even if they do, they may be joined by a few more as we move forward, but that’s the general direction of the rightie narrative about this election, which tells me that they have learned precisely nothing from their recent defeat, and it will take a least one or two more before the message really starts to sink in. Oh sure, what few moderates there are on the fringes of the party “get it” and are sounding the alarm, but they’re too few in number to matter any more. The RINOs have been hunted to near extinction. Mission Accomplished, Fundies. It’ll doom you, but mission accomplished.

As of last night, I began seeing dire “End of America” predictions about how Obama’s reelection signals the imminent death of America (I guess this is meant to build on Chuck Norris’s “Thousand Years of Darkness” commercial he did for Romney?), complete with statistics from Ann Coulter and other right wing luminaries about the debt, the looming offer of amnesty to our 22 million(!) illegal aliens (that’s the stat cited, tho the real number is half that or less), and the fact that most of our LEGAL immigrants are now coming from third wolrd nations (apparently, in the conservative mind, people from poor countries have something different in their DNA that keeps them from becoming productive members of our society when they get here). Anyway, per the “data” cited by the folk on the right, all of this, combined with the “16 trillion in Obama debt,” and an out of control SSI/Medicare = doom for the Republic in ten years or less, and possibly before the end of Obama’s term.

The problem, of course, is that the sources cited to “prove” their case are all the usual suspects inside the Fox Bubble, and let’s talk about that for a moment.

Fox “News” is the only news company in the history of history to have gone to court (2003) to defend their right to lie and fabricate, and still call their finished product “news.”

Studies have been conducted that show that folks who rely on Fox “News” as their primary source of news are less informed than people who don’t watch any news AT ALL! (this would certainly seem to reinforce the first observation, and seems to indicate that Fox does a fair bit of fabrication).

The properties inside the Fox Bubble have a track record of being completely, spectacularly wrong (predictably, given their penchance for publishing fiction as news). Their track record is just horrible. Below is a short list of wrong information and outright lies from the properties inside the Fox Bubble over just the last few years:

* Tax cuts magically increase revenues (proven false with source data)

* Tax cuts for the rich have a positive impact on job creation in the US (proven false with source data)

* Saddam had WMD’s (except that none have ever been found)

* Death panels! (don’t exist, though fully half of all R’s still think they do, demonstrating the power of Fox “News” on their adoring flock)

* Republicans are better for the economy (proven false with source data, and note that R policies have given us the #1 and #2 worst financial crisis in US history)

* Republicans are tough on terror (except that the worst terror attack to ever occur on US soil in our history happened on an R president’s watch)

* Republicans are for small government (except that a Republican administration gave us the largest, most intrusive government expansion in US history)

* Pregnancy born of rape is a gift from God (clearly, it isn’t)

* A woman’s body can “shut down” so as not to get pregnant when she’s being raped (just spectacularly stupid)

* Critical thinking skills are dangerous and should not be taught in school (yep…keep ’em ignorant and easily led!)

* The debate on evolution is not yet settled (it was fought and settled more than a century ago)

* There is a global conspiracy of scientists against the US conservative movement (WTF??)

* There is a global news media conspiracy against the US conservative movement (again…WTF??)

* There is a global entertainment media conspiracy against the US conservative movement (yet again…)

* There has been a global liberal infiltration at all levels of (so-called) non partisan source data repositories, rendering such data useless UNLESS it has been vetted by an approved right wing source

* There is a global education conspiracy in higher education centers (they are libbie indoctrination mills)

* Taxes have gone up under Obama (they’re actually lower than they were under Bush)

* The BLS numbers are “faked” (no evidence that this is now, or has ever been true)

* UE 1 is not a “real” number (but apparently it’s okay to compare Bush UE1 with Obama UE6 and still claim the comparison is “apples to apples”) – no information on when, how, or why UE1 magically became a fake number

* Climate change is a hoax (97% of the world’s scientists disagree, most denialist conventions can’t even FIND an actual climate scientist to attend to rebut, so rely on pundits with no training and an agenda to do it)

* Obama’s spending is out of control (actually, his spending is within two tenths of one percent of Reagan’s spending, measured as a percent of GDP)

* The deficit is skyrocketing under Obama (actually, it’s decreasing)

* Benghazi was a coverup for a gun running conspiracy (actually, it was an attack ON us)

* The election polls in the “MSM” (see conspiracy note above) were rigged to favor Obama unfairly (oversampling dems, using 2008 projections, etc)

* Ohio election results were questioned, even though the projections were solid

* Florida election results were questioned, even though the projections were solid

* Romney in a “landslide” of ~330 EV’s (Obama’s win later called a “squeaker” with 332 EV’s)

* Regulations = Communism! (clearly and self evidently untrue)

* UN election officials are trying to take over the state of Texas (clearly and self evidently untrue, and stupid to the point of being a good topic for mockery)

Again, this is just a partial list. I could keep going, but you get the idea. And from the same sources of data that predicted all of the above, or declared these various stupidities as “fact,” NOW we hear that the United States is doomed unless we immediately follow the conservative perscription for America.

And the folks who make such claims…the rank and file of the conservative masses and the Republican party apparently see no problem with this, even in light of all the blatant lies above. They still simply repeat these latest talking points, accepting them on faith as the absolute truth.

WTF is wrong with these people? Can anybody tell me, please? Cos I’d genuinely like to know.

How effing stupid to you have to be to buy into yet more lies by these clowns?


Update 1: Caught this positively breathtaking bit of conservative projection, by a frequent poster and thought it’d make for a fine way to close this piece out. She (Suzanne12) said, to a moderate poster (whom she regards as a flaming librocommiefascist):

OMG, you are so delusional. You don’t even see the toxins you invite into your life every time you make a choice that weakens our country. You are the enemy and you don’t even know it.


Just wow.