I know that a lot of attention is being (wrongly, IMO) paid to the shooter in this case, and I understand that a lot of attention is being (rightly) paid to the victims in this case. Our hearts certainly go out to them during the aftermath of this awful event, but I’m heartened to see so much attention being paid in the news to the other big, important factor in this unfolding story.

The police. and other first responders.

So far, they’ve done an exemplary job, starting from the cool, crisp professionalism of the dispatcher who initially set the cops in motion, to their timely arrival (under two minutes for both the cops AND the first Ambulance), to their speedy apprehension of the shooter, their careful approach to gaining entry into the shooter’s apartment, the heartfelt updates from the Officer in charge…from top to bottom, a class act.

Mitt Romney says we need fewer cops, firemen, and teachers. Conservatives everywhere describe government employees as parasites who produce absolutely no value.

In peering into Aurora over the last couple days, I’m not sure how any sane, rational person could agree, and I’m pretty sure the folks in Aurora categorically don’t agree.

I have to imagine that, battling monster-sized forest fires and now, faced with this awful tragedy, they’re probably mighty glad their first responders got there in under two minutes, and that their fire crews continue to fight the good fight, and can rely on the fire crews from neighboring areas to join in.

Civilization is a good thing.

You don’t get it by building a Randian, pseudo-anarchistic construct in which only the wealthiest count. Where these get to do whatever the hell they want, and the rest can choke on it if they don’t like it (if you want that, go to Somalia…you’ll love it there) You get it by paying taxes to support stuff for the common good.

I would very much like a conservative (any conservative…doesn’t particularly matter who) to come by at some point and kindly explain why first responders being Johnny-on-the-spot and arriving in under two minutes is a bad thing. Do you think they could still do that if you fired half of them and cut the pay of the remainder?

Why is this socialism stuff so awful again?


Anyone at all?

Let’s hear it for American Socialism!

* I’ve also been watching Fox “News” sporadically throughout the weekend…they’re giving an awful lot of air time to those socialists in blue….maybe they’re not Satan-Spawn after all?

PS: A friend of mine pointed out that numbnuts’ car was parked right at the exit. On opening night of the biggest movie of the summer, he’d have had to have gotten there mega early to get that spot. That alone says pre-meditation, and when you add in the long process of acquiring the gear and ammo, the guns themselves, setting up the apartment for the “after party”… this was months in planning.