The Republican claim is that regulations are choking the life out of US business, and are THE reason that businesses aren’t hiring.

Except that (as usual) the facts here in the real world don’t seem to support their premise. Here’s the evidence compiled so far:

Two of them don’t mention regulation AT ALL:
No mention of excessive regs here

Or here….

And two of them show that 78-80% of respondents city stuff OTHER THAN regulations as being the chief concern (nabe results find that 80% of business economists see the regulatory climate as being good for business, and the gallup poll shows 78% of business owners citing stuff other than regulation as their main concern)

NABE Survey

No joy here either!

Further, WSJ conducted a poll of economists, and found that 58% (a clear majority, and not, as some have tried to spin it, a more or less even split of opinion) saw lack of demand as the major reason for hiring:

Another survey that disagrees with the myth

Note the almost complete lack of mention of regulations as the primary driver in the main stream media:
Clearly, excessive regulation is a huge problem for the nation.

No support here either, and I’m not sure you can call this guy a librocommiefascist…can you?

One more for good measure.

Add to this the fact that of the 27 “bills awaiting senate action” that the House currently has showing on, 20 of them are regulatory busting and NONE of them have been submitted to the CBO for job creation scoring (what? did they all forget? En masse? An amazing coincidence that seems to indicate that EVEN THE R’s WHO SUBMITTED THE BILLS don’t see them as growing or producing many–if any–jobs.

And yet, despite all this, they keep insisting that it’s so.

I do not understand.

* Note: The “27 Jobs bills” that the R’s have submitted, but that the evil Dems won’t vote on are now numbering 30+. Details about them can be found here.

Update 1: The Heritage Foundation (we need a judge’s ruling here from some stalwart conservatives…in light of the whole Individual Mandate thing, is Heritage now considered to be part of the Librocommiefascist Media Conspiracy, or are they still okay?) – will assume they’re okay unless we hear different from our conservative friends. So, as I was saying, The Heritage Foundation issued a report blasting the Obama administration for their burdensome regulations.

They complain bitterly that this is one of the key reasons for the lackluster hiring, stating that the new regs cost consumers some $46B annually, and regs are coming out of the Obama Administration at a rate five times that of the Bush administration and oh…isn’t that awful.

A couple of points to put things in context.

First about regulations: Lack of regulations are what caused the recession we are now coming out of.

Lack of regulations caused the banking meltdown in the 1980’s.

Having been burned by this particular hobgobilin on multiple occasions, don’t you suppose it’s time we remedy that situation? (for the record, I’m all for bringing back Glass-Stegall, and ditching Dodd Frank for it, but that does not appear to be on the table).

Second, they call these new regulations a hidden tax on Americans, and as we all know, taxes, in the conservative mind, are synonymous with pure evil. Very, very bad. Double plus un-good.

So…wow. A $46 billion dollar new tax.

Sounds pretty scary, right.

On a 14 trillion dollar economy, do you know what 46B works out to?

About three one thousandths of a cent (so…if you spend a thousand bucks, these new regs will raise your costs by…yep. Three cents.). That’s what Heritage has their panties in a twist over.

Just to provide some context and scale.