This is a great, commonly spouted talking point from the right, that supposedly demonstrates Obama’s criminal negligence when it comes to performing his duties.

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The problem, of course, is that like most things conservatives say, it’s not true, and PROVED not true with the most minimal of fact checking.

Here is the page to the budgets that Obama has submitted every year, since he was elected.

Included on this page are the dates that said budgets were submitted (you have to expand the year you want to look at by hitting the little “+” mark to see the dates).

One of two things must be true.

Either the conservatives are wrong/outright lying about their “facts,” OR…someone other than Obama put these budgets here.

If it’s “option a,” then…well, they’re either terminally stupid, or liars, or both.

If it’s “option b,” then that, of course, goes back to one of the numerous “librul conspiracies” touted by the right.

In either case, it doesn’t say good things about the folks who would make such a claim.


  • andrewskyman

    “Submitted” a budget, yes. Were any of Obama’s budgets actually passed?

  • Velociryx

    Ahhhh, but that’s changing the argument, isn’t it?

    I mean…that’s not the claim that’s been made by the right, and the President has no control over whether or not Congress passes his budget.

    He can (and is legally obligated to) turn it in, but what happens next…well, that’s in the hands of Congress, right?


  • Velociryx

    Wait…but understand what you’re doing here. You’re admitting that the right was wrong (the meme is wrong) and changing the question, yes?

    I mean…that’s not the claim that’s been made by the right, and the President has no control over whether or not Congress passes his budget.

    He can (and is legally obligated to) turn it in, but what happens next…well, that’s in the hands of Congress, right?


  • Prelusive007

    When the president knowingly puts forth a budget that he knows is ridiculous just so he can say he put forth a budget, is that not just a huge waste of time? Of course it is. And you are admitting that this is what Obama in fact did. Waste Congress’ time. I know you’re smarter than that velcro.

  • Velociryx

    I’d love to see any evidence you have that Obama “knowingly put forth a budget that he knows is rediculous, just so he can say he put forth a budget.”

    Happy to take a look.

    Whatcha got?

  • Prelusive0007

    Since urls are usually prohibited, maybe you can copy/paste this into google or somewhere and get to the root of this quote if the url is not posted. . . .

    “When President Barack Obama unveiled his budget Wednesday morning in the Rose Garden he announced “there’s not a lot of smoke and mirrors in here” — almost daring you to look for the sleight of hand.

    Just like most budget proposals, which reflect the world as their authors would like to see it, Obama’s $3.78 trillion proposal relies on a few tricks to make the numbers work.

    Read more:

    That sums up Obama’s “budget” strategy pretty well. Of course, your accounting experience will no doubt give you plenty of fodder for argument but then again, you’re not advising the president now are you?!

    (On a different note; must be getting comfortably cool at the beach these evenings. Nice weather there in MB this time of year. :) )

  • Velociryx

    That sums up the strategy of every person who has ever in the history of the presidency’s strategy of submitting a budget, yes? I mean…even the budgets of non presidents (see the Ryan budget, “Path to Prosperity, versions 1, 2, and 3). All budgets require that certain assumptions be made about the coming year. I’ve never actually heard of that type of thing being used to call into question the motives of the person submitting the budget (ie – that simply because it is necessary to make certain assumptions about the coming year, this somehow means that the person submitting the budget “knowingly submitted one they knew wouldn’t pass.”

    Democracy…when it’s functional, is all about gives and takes. The president submits a budget…it gets knocked around congress, who sends it back…rinse and repeat till we meet somewhere in the middle.

    Except that with the R’s…there IS no middle. It’s “do it this way of f*ck off.”

    Not really a lot of room to negotiate there, and based on that, the ONLY way the president could have gotten a budget through would have been to call up Paul Ryan and say, “tell you what…I’m good with whatever you say…you draft it, and I’ll sign it.”

    I get that that might be the desired outcome for the right, but because Obama didn’t sign up for that, I’m not sure you can exactly fault the guy… ;)

    And yes…BEAUTIFUL weather lately! I’ve been working outside most of the day today…simply gorgeous!