Of all the various conspiracies invoked by the Conservatives, this one is the Big Kahuna. It’s so commonplace…so ingrained into their way of thinking that they simply accept it as fact…without thought or question, no longer even realizing that every time they say “MSM,” “Main Stream Media,” or the variant popularized by Sarah Palin, “Lame Stream Media,” they are, in fact, invoking this much cherished conspiracy.

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Like all other conservative myths, this one’s false, but contains at least a few grains of truth, and it is these grains that are focused on, and of course, in doing so, the Conservatives manage to identify a few trees, and utterly miss the forest.

The notion of a liberal dominated business is silly, even on its face. The news is big business. Big business (no matter the industry) tends toward the conservative. Period.

Yes, it is true that there tend to be more moderate and liberal reporters than conservative ones (‘moderates’ being lumped together with libs in the conservative mindset), but reporters merely report. They don’t get to make production decisions. They don’t get to make decisions on what “slant” to give a piece.

All that stuff gets handled at the Director level or higher, and at that level, the more conservative bent that big businesses tend to share takes over.

Even if the above were untrue, however, the simple fact is that in the United States:

* The Number One cable news channel, Fox, is right-wing.
* The Number One newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, also has a right-wing editorial slant (and is owned by the same guy who owns Fox News)
* The Number One talk radio show is Rush Limbaugh
* The Number Two talk radio show is Sean Hannity
* The Number Three talk radio show is Glenn Beck

Given that many conservatives rely on the above three talk shows to inform them in the place of news, it’s a bit difficult to continue the narrative with a straight face that there’s some vast librul conspiracy in control of all media, and that the poor conservatives are hopelessly outgunned.

Further, what you see from the non-right wing-controlled news outlets is that they’re terrified of being painted with the liberal brush, and as such, they bend over backwards to present the conservative side. Meanwhile, conservative news outlets pay only token attention to the other side’s viewpoints, and paint the rest of the media with the liberal brush IN SPITE OF the efforts made for balance by those agencies.

We won an important election in 2012, but the forces of conservatism haven’t disappeared, and we must remain on our guard.

We cannot allow conservative fictions (death panels, the MSM, the war on Christmas, tax cuts that magically pay for themselves, etc) to take root in the public consciousness. These have to be met head on and debunked. All the time, every time.

There’s just no way to keep these snake oil salesmen at bay.

Make them debate us with facts, not fantasy.