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The video clip below is simply too good to pass on. It underscores just how deep the ignorance runs on the right. Yes, it’s partisan. Yes, it’s biased (for every ignorant hick like this you find in Mississippi, Louisiana, or South Carolina, you’re apt to find a well spoken (if equally ignorant) conservative.

The major thing this video gets right, however, is that it perfectly encapsulates the southern conservative belief system.

My favorite bits from this clip:

“…we believe in Adam and Eve, not…not Adam and Steve”

As though the two were somehow mutually exclusive, right? As though what HE BELIEVES should have ANY bearing on how someone else lives their (separate) lives? Why is it that this yutz, and the conservatives like him FORCE their beliefs on others, in order to continue “believing?”

Why is that a requirement?

Could this fellow just…you know…not marry a guy, if that wasn’t his thing?

Then there’s

This is ‘Murica. Our president should be…’Murican, not Muslim.”

Really? REALLY?

The sad thing is…I live in South Carolina, and we have tons of people just like him here too. Jesus.

and this one takes the cake:

“I don’t care for the gummint…they don’t…they don’t…show me anything.”

Interviewer: “You get food stamps!”

guy: “Yeah, but…I…I think I deserve food stamps, I have no unemployment!”

then later (talking to the same guy)

Interviewer: “So…something’s not working here…voting republican hasn’t worked for you.”

Guy: “But it…it could.”

Interviewer: “But it hasn’t!”

Guy: “It hasn’t, but it could!”

Isn’t the very definition of insanity continuing to do the same stupid shite and expecting a different result?

There’s no cure for stupid, sadly.