This report has been out for a while now, but is typical of Republican attacks, in that, even if you accept the numbers it puts forth as true (a thing very much in doubt), those numbers exist by themselves, in a sea of nothing-to-compare-it-to, and when you see the numbers without context, they look big and scary.

Make no mistake, this is very much by design.

One thing I have noticed in my hears of being politically active is that over time, Republican tactics and talking points don’t really change all that much. They tend to keep it simple (maybe that’s because, having rejected the idea of “education,” they have little choice if they want their base to follow along (remember, educators and the schools they work in are part of one of the numerous conspiracy theories used to shape and define their beliefs)!

In any case, here’s a link to the Heritage Foundation’s report. It takes the current administration to task for its reams of new regulations, stating that they cost consumers some $46B annually, and regs are coming out of the Obama Administration at a rate five times that of the Bush administration and oh…isn’t that awful.

A couple of points to put things in context.

First about regulations: Lack of regulations are what caused the recession we are now coming out of.

Lack of regulations caused the banking meltdown in the 1980’s.

Having been burned by this particular hobgobilin on multiple occasions, don’t you suppose it’s time we remedy that situation? (for the record, I’m all for bringing back Glass-Stegall, and ditching Dodd Frank for it, but that does not appear to be on the table).

Second, on a 14 trillion dollar economy, do you know what 46B works out to?

About three one thousandths of a cent (so…if you spend a thousand bucks, these new regs will raise your costs by…yep. Three cents.). That’s what Heritage has their panties in a twist over.

Just to provide some context and scale.