Part I – The Current Nightmare

Ask anyone who watches FOX “News”, and they’ll tell you that they represent “Real America,” which of course implies that everyone else is only playing at being American.

Talk to them for more than five minutes and you’ll hear a seething undercurrent of rage…not just anger, but outright rage.  Dig a little, and you’ll discover that the rage is directed at the “vast conspiracy of the left,” (or more accuractely, one of about half a dozen vast conspiracies of the left) which they find notoriously hard to pin down, but swear nonetheless that they can identify them or sight (or smell), and this, sadly, is where the conversation begins to degenerate.

I used to be a moderate republican, back in the day when there was such a thing (psst!  And don’t tell a soul…the current leaders of the Republican party will vehemently deny it, but there even used to be such a thing as a “Liberal Republican!”), but I was driven out of my party when the lunatic fringe took over, and all the important policy positions, platform planks and talking points began being meted out by extremist, bigoted talk radio and TV hosts who are often of questionable sanity.  It is these folk who paint the picture of the right (and make no mistake, these days, republicanism and conservatism have become completely synonymous) as paragons of virtue who only have the common man’s best interests at heart, and everyone else as a seething, insane Communist (or Socialist, or Marxist, or Fascist(!), but in the minds of the Conservatives, these are all the same thing…all perfect synonyms for “liberal,” which is, itself, a perfect synonym for “Democrat”), and amazingly, even though Fascism exists at the far right of the political spectrum, the left is invariably branded as Fascist too, just for good measure.

The right has wrongly claimed sole ownership of the Judeo-Christian God (Commies are godless anyway, everybody knows that), has no problem using the law to dictate morality to the masses (claiming to have a direct line to the Almighty gives you a certain automatic moral authority on the opener but given how many conservative politicians who have run on a “Family Values” platform, anti-gay, anti-choice, pro torture, pro death penalty (still not quite sure how that works with the whole anti-choice thing but maybe some well spoken Conservative can come along and educate me), and who later wind up getting caught with a cheap hooker, or a member of the same sex “doing the deed,” that position and authority is beginning to show some serious signs of rust), justifying wars using any means necessary, justifying an inconsistent pre-emptive strike policy that only seems to apply when we are in the position of school-yard bully, otherwise, we apparently kowtow and back-pedal to good effect.

Add all of the above to the fact that the Republican party seems to be disintegrating before our very eyes (true, there are Dems among the teabaggers, but significant chunks come from the ranks of disaffected Republicans), and given the fact that the Republicans have always been a minority party, this (along with the recent passage of landmark Health Care reform legislation) definitely has the potential to dim their political futures, HOWEVER, it should be noted that that they are (and always have been) masterfully organized, and you can rest assured that they will not go quietly into this good night.

A rabid dog is at its most dangerous when cornered, and by a conflux of fate, bad luck, timing, and their own ill conceived policies, the Republicans are fast becoming that cornered dog.  When they fully realize it, minority or not, they can do a tremendous amount of damage before they sing their last.

Do not misunderstand me here, the roots of the Conservative party are in big business and monied special interests, and even if the present incarnation shatters, they’ll be back.  They’ll reform, and perhaps even stronger than ever.  There is absolutely no danger that we’ll become a “one party democracy,” and the reasons why that is a foregone conclusion will be explained in future sections of this document, but first, we must lay a bit of groundwork, and that will follow in pages to come…

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