The more I think I know and understand about conservatives, the more bewildered and confused I become.

Initially, I wasn’t gonna say anything about Akins’ blunder, but the more I thought about it…the more I heard it mentioned, the more confused I became.

How does a person who seems, at least on the face of it, a reasonably smart guy, wind up in a place where he’s even talking about legitimate rape?

What does that even mean?

Is there a distinction? Legitimate rape vs. …what? Illegitimate rape?

What would that be?

The guy being charged with the crime leans forward and whispers to the judge, “c’mon your honor, look at the rack on her! Now, imagine that in a mini-skirt and a low cut blouse…dude, you KNOW she wanted it!”

“But…but…she was askin’ for it!”

Is that the kind of thing Akins means?

If so, he has joined a rare pantheon indeed.

That’s gotta be right up there with ‘Bombing for Peace’ and ‘Fucking for Virginity.’

Legitimate Rape.

Jesus H. Christ.

And conservatives wonder why we don’t bother to take them seriously any more?



PS: Count on the fact that this is going to matter in the November elections, and it should, right? After all…you show up in front of a crowd of people, dressed provocatively, in true button-down politician style, then saying stupid shit like that without batting an eye. Dude, you’re soooo asking for it. C’mon…you know you want it. Right?