I was watching the Today show yesterday (October 26), and they aired an intriguing story.

It was about various “speed bumps” encountered by the two Presidential candidates.

On the one hand, there was Romney, whose latest “speed bumps” were two-fold. There was John Sununu, going on national television to say that he understood why Colin Powell prolly felt like he had to endorse Barack Obama…after all, he was a fellow black man done good, and all that…

Then there was Richard Rape-is-a-Gift-From-God Mourdock, who probably needs no introduction beyond that (the only candidate for a public office that Romney has produced an ad for).


So…we have two prominent Republican people, political operators, in the limelight, shedding some light on what “The Party” really thinks and feels about some fairly important issues (women and race).

And the things they’re saying….not really all that good or flattering.

Not that this comes as a great shock to the Dems, liberals and moderates, but it stands in stark contrast to the rank and file conservatives, who look up from devouring their latest helpings of racist screed from this or that pundit to say it ain’t so…that theirs is the party of tolerance and inclusion, even while they go about conducting their purity tests, purgings, and have prominent party figures go on national TV and say shit like this.

The disconnect is nothing short of astonishing.

I suppose that at some point, I should stop being shocked or surprised.

I keep waiting for that day, but so far, it has not come.

In any case, the Today show could not stop there, even those those two items WERE the news. I mean…all stop.

We’ve got two fairly prominent guys from the right saying what?!

That should have been THE story.

But no.

Because the “librul media” trips all over itself to provide balance.

“Balance,” for them means showing that “the other side” does it too.

But the trouble is…the other side DOESN’T.

Not like that. Not anything even in the same ballpark.

But they had to find something, and they did.

So…they detracted from the real news story by saying that President Obama had indirectly referenced Mitt Romney as a Bullshitter in his Rolling Stone interview.

Yeah…he did.

He also did that during all three of the Presidential debates, so this is hardly new OR news.

Everybody loses here.

The Today show diminishes itself as a serious news agency, by pretending that the Obama comment is in any way the equal of the two scathing indictments of big chunks of the conservative mindset on display, and the viewers lose by virtue of the fact that a real, damning news story got pushed out of frame and focus in a failed attempt at “balance.”

Worst of all, it doesn’t change things.

Conservatives still proclaim (daily) the evils of the “Librul MSM” before retreating back into the safe confines of the Fox Bubble, so it’s not like their inclusion of the Obama comment changed the equation at all.

Guys, do everyone a favor. Report the news, skip the fluff.



PS: Here’s one final thought for our conservative friends. Let’s say we accept Mourdock’s position as true. Everything is God’s will. ‘k….so, why are you so upset that Obama is President? Isn’t that “God’s Will” too? (or did God’s Will get subverted by one or more of the librul conspiracies?)