I’ve written about the phenomenon before, but one of the more common tactics used by the Rape-ublicans is to make a claim about their opponents that holds true for them.

I call it “Reversi,” others call it simple projection, but whatever you call it, you see it a LOT.

I’ve argued repeatedly that given the R hatred and mistrust of education, the predictable result OF such hatred is a long term dumbing down of the republican base, with the predictable result of THAT being that they become more susceptible to right wing propaganda.

In retaliation for this position, I’ve been hearing more and more that the left is “brainwashed.” Note how closely this tracks to the position I sketched out above.

As usual, however, the right offers up no proof of said brainwashing, so I decided to take it upon myself to outline, at least in broad terms, what evidence I can find re: “brainwashing” on both sides of the fence.

In doing some digging about, what I’ve discovered is essentially this:

A group on one side of the argument postulates that there is a world wide media conspiracy that’s “out to get” the conservative POV and make it “look bad.” This is the reason, they say, that they can only believe news if it comes from a “Party Approved” source (Fox, Briebardt TV, RedState, Heritage, etc). This argument (and thus, the size and scope of the global conspiracy) has been extended to all of hollywood, and most game design companies too, who implant suggestive messages by painting right wing or conservative characters in a bad light).

A group on one side of the argument postulates that there is a global conspiracy among the scientific community that fabricates data to get grant money and make republican positions “look bad.” That the “jury is still out” on many important scientific questions (evolution and global warming being but two, and there are others).

A group on one side of the argument postulates that there is a global conspiracy among the developed world’s educators. That they are, in fact, breeding grounds for dangerous liberal thoughts, and basically “indoctrination camps” to program the liberal mind. This would seem at first glance to make it difficult for the right to support ANY college educated conservative, but this is one of the reasons for the “purity tests.” You see, if a collage educated R swears sufficient fealty to R ideals, then it is proof that he/she has not been too “corrupted” by the evils of the education process.

And finally, a group on one side of the argument lists, as one of its primary sources for news an information (one of the “biggies” on the Party Approved list) the only “News” company in history to have gone to court to defend its right to lie and fabricate and still call what it produces “News.” This curious fact is augmented by recent studies that have shown that Fox news viewership ranks consistently among the least informed citizens, sometimes ranking lower than people who watch NO NEWS AT ALL!

Within this framework, I find it fairly plausible that the group subscribing to the convoluted, globe spanning conspiracy theories is more likely to be the brainwashed party, but that’s probably my liberal college education talking, right?

(oh! I think I just saw a space ship out my window! Maybe it’s headed to London to meet with the Queen Mother, who’s actually an alien, you know? The leader of “The Greys,” and….)